With a paraglider and an engine on your back you can fly freely wherever you live in the country. It is simple, safe and inexpensive!

The courses follow APPI PPG regulations and leads to an approved license. Course length for paramotor students with no previous flying experience is 10 - 14 days to complete the training.

We give paramotor courses all year around except hollydays.

You can start your paramotor training in conjunction with all our beginners course starts.

No medical certificates are neededneed for being trained or for flying! The only requirements are that you are mentaly healthy and not under influence of drugs which affect your vision, ballance, reactions or judgement.

The basic course includes theory, glider controll, take off in various wind conditions, cruise control, heading, turns, approach and landing. The instructor will demonstrate and teach how to use the paramotor, maintenance, fuel mix, start, gaskontrol, torque / thrust effects, safety, etc.

After ground handling and starting training with the engine off, it will finally be time for your first paramotor flight!

You immerse yourself in practical and theoretical exercises, flight theory, meteorology, rules of Civil Aviation (airspace rules, etc.) and navigation.

Once you pass the practical course and you've written a simple theoretical examination, it is time for you to individually go out and fly!

Our courses are led by Mikael Gawlik, Tom Chudzinski and Manuel Viola



  • Foot launch paramotor 2´000USD
  • Trike 2´500USD
  • Flycar 5´000USD
  • FIB (Flying Inflatable Boat) 4´500USD

We are taking maximum 10 students per course. To insure yourself of a place in a course, you have to place a downpayment to our account of 200 USD or in cash at our Fly School. The remaining amount has to be paid no later than 4 weeks before the course!

Please note! Up to 2 months before a scheduled course we are paying back 100% of the fee if you change your mind or cannot participate for any other reason. Up to 1 month we are paying back 50%. Less than 1 month will cost you the full fee.

OBSERVE! Remaining amount has to be paid no later than 4 weeks before the scheduled course!

Foot launched unit


Trike AirMax HE 230



Flying Inflatable Boat

Insurance requirements, terms and conditions will be sent to you together with an application form when apply for a course. Remember that you are not booked on a course until we have received the down payment from you.


Book your course now by simply e-mailing us!!

If order full equipment before a course, you will receive as a gift a 2 blade carbon propeler worth 320USD!!

The price will be deducted from the total price when ordering