P L A C E Y O U R M E S S A G E I N O U R P A R A G L I D E R S !


As the microlights are the cheapest obtainable aircraft, more and more used for leisure flying and with a growing community on a worldwide base it become a perfect tool for advertisement! More and more companies are realising that this kind of advertisement is extremely effective.

That whenever a paraglider is up in the air, the crowds are gathering, watching, taking pictures, filming and blogging about this. That any event, no matter how small arranged with participation of microlights gathers vast crowds!


How about visibility of the advertisement..

A paraglider is 24 – 42m² depending if it´s aimed for single or tandem flying.

We can fly along beaches or streets as low as 3 feet or in the heights of street lights. We can fly on 1500 feet and the advert is still perfectly visible!


What are the costs..

Depending on the number of glider you want to put your advert in, to the time in the air. A life span of a glider is normally 3-5 years and normally we are charging per year. I.e.

Everything is a subject to negotiation depending on number of ordered gliders, contracted time, arrangements of events etc.


How much time are we spending in the air..

Considering the costal weather in Honduras a minimum of 200h/glider/year. Basically it means every not rainy/stormy day. This is in average 1 hour of flying per day and per paraglider for 200 days!


What else do we offer..

Advertisement campaigns. We have been running successfully events and campaigns with full media coverage. Upon shown interest we will be highlighting sponsors and advertisers adding references and movies!


If questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!


Your money is more than advertisement! For every placed advertisement order or sponsored event we are putting aside a certain percentage of the income with the aim to support organisations which are taking care of "street kids" and/or "animal protection" In many cases we are involving ourselves in the local comunities, sponsoring the poorest familys with clothes, books and more so the kids can attend school..

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Our Microlights are perfectly suitable for any kind of aerial photography, filming,

SAR (Search And Rescue) Coastal, Aerial and Traffic surveillance and much, much more...

Paramotors are more and more used in many countries by: Police, Coast Guard, Park Rangers, Animal Surveillance and even Army.

We are able to give special training with a certain purpose of use and provide you with the right euipment for your mission!